Blog post – 1st Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Our previous 1st Tuesday event with Career Center Vic Snyder was a great success. SEBA members were able to get specific advice on how to properly create a CV, resume, and Linkedin profile specific to finding jobs in academia and industry. These resources are available at The 2013-2014 Career Guide is a fantastic resource for people to see a large variety of resumes and find what works best for you. Also, if you are looking for a professional photo, be sure to attend the Career Center’s LinkedIn Photo Booth on April 15th.


Working with the career center is one of the most advantageous things to do and the early you can do it in your university experience, the more influential it can be. Even if you do not have a strong idea of where you want to be, meeting with the counselors can ensure that you can get a high-quality job out of your undergrad or graduate education.


Some of the great advice from the presentation was to match the job description word content to your resume. Quantifying experience (e.g. 2 years of programming experience) allows the reviewer to understand the depth of your knowledge. Tailor each resume to the specific job that you are applying for by identifying the main strengths that you could bring to the job. The top part of the resume is the most important real-estate, so make sure to put the most relevant experience at the top. Remember, employers only have about 10-30 seconds to look at your resume. Formatting is critical to making the most important information easy to identify.


If you missed this great events, mark your calendar for May 6th and come to our next 1st Tuesday event where we will feature several of recruiters that will be at the SEBA Career Fair in the fall. It will be a great opportunity to make connections with real companies and your fellow SEBA members.


The new leadership team is going to be focused on increasing the number of opportunities and quality of engagement for SEBA members. Continuing to put on 1st Tuesday events will allow members to get to know each other to meet other influential people in the UW and Greater Seattle community.


By: Britton Stamper


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