by Ameen Tabatabai


This year’s WBBA summer social was celebrating the 25th been a strong leader in supporting biotech and life sciences in Seattle.

As expected, this event featured plenty of catered food and drinks, conversations about biotech, and business card exchanges on a beautiful summer afternoon at the WBBA’s outdoor deck. There was even an exciting bocce ball tournament, a hat contest, and a live ALS ice bucket challenge. Nearly all the event attendees were professionals from various companies and organization in biotech or life sciences. Therefore, this was a great networking opportunity for any bioengineering students or recent graduates looking to learn about career paths and to acquaint themselves with future employers.

Chris Rivera, the President and CEO of WBBA, was the event leader and announcer. He kicked off the event and would occasionally grab the mic to make announcements about the different sponsors and contests. Chris along with WGHA CEO, Lisa Cohen were challenged by Monty Montoya of SightLife to complete the ALS challenge. SightLife is an organization centered on providing sight-restoring transplants to countries worldwide. Monty’s challenge was accepted at the event. Chris and Lisa then challenged some of Washington state’s legislators. Chris was iterating the importance of showing support for biotech to our state legislators, especially in the next few months when they will be reconsidering the tax incentives for biotech companies. If these tax credits are no longer available, it could lead to many biotech startups choosing other cities over Seattle.

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