General Membership

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Active Membership


What is Required?

> Must attend 3 First Tuesday events throughout the entire school year

> Must volunteer at 1 S.E.B.A related event (Kickoff BBQ, Career Fair, or Science and Technology Showcase)

What are the incentives?

> Early entrance to Career Fair (starting in 2017)

> 50 Business Cards

> Priority Access to SEBA Mentorship Program and Lab to Leadership

> SEBA will pay for you to attend local events in the Seattle business community

> Premier access to local networking events

Executive Officers

Executive Officers are in charge of executing SEBA’s vision mainly through holding SEBA events, maintaining records, and running SEBA on a day-to-day basis. Becoming an officer will develop leadership and provide experience in management of a strategic division. If you really want to leave an impact on SEBA’s vision, this is how you do it.

Executive Officers are appointed annually by the outgoing executive team.

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