Mentorship Program

The SEBA Mentorship Program is designed to connect students with professionals in the Greater Seattle business community who will be able to offer advice related to the desired career paths and entrepreneurial endeavors of our members.  Science and engineering students from the University of Washington will apply for the program and mentors and students will then be matched based on common career goals and interests.

Since the 2008-2009 academic year, the SEBA Mentorship Program has been making a tremendous impact for students. We are constantly seeking new mentors who will be interested in working with students to help to build the careers of many young engineers and scientists at the University of Washington.

For more information, please contact the Mentorship Program Director. Thanks.

2016 SEBA Mentorship Program

Have you been told that you should be networking but don’t know how to start?

The Science and Engineering Business Association (SEBA) is offering a mentor program for students and postdocs studying science or engineering. SEBA will set up a time for you and a small group to meet for 1-2 hours with a mentor of your choice to enable you to receive advice from the best, network, and learn what it takes to make it after graduation.However, some mentors may receive more interest than they can accommodate, so in these cases we will help match you with other relevant mentors.

Our mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and can answer questions about pursuing careers in industries including engineering, biotech, and consulting, as well as help you navigate further education goals (i.e. MBA, M.S., etc).

Undergraduates, grad students, and post-docs of technical (science or engineering) backgrounds with an interest in business

A brief one hour meeting in early October, for an introduction to the program, as well as tips for building effective mentor/mentee relationships. Then throughout the school year we will schedule meetings with mentors.

On  UW campus at the University of Washington Club

Take five minutes to apply: click here


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UW Science and Engineering Business Association | Email any questions to: [email protected]

Selected participating mentors from past years include…
Bernhard Weigl, Director of the Center for Point-of-Care Testing for Global Health, PATH
Brad Roberts, Investment Analyst, Intellectual Ventures
Brett Gaspers, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Objective Insights
Chris Riviera, President, Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association
Christopher Porter, CEO, Medical Genesis
Haibo Lu, Software Development Engineer, Microsoft (
Jeff House, Director of Software Development, Linden Lab
Jeff Miller, Senior Counsel, Perkins Coie
Jeremy Jaech, Chair, Technology Alliance
Jesse Proudman, CEO, Bluebox Group
Kate Matsudaira, VP of Engineering at
Martin Wilson, Manager, Alvarez & Marsal
Michael Lau, President & Chief Medical Officer, Mirabilis Medica
Palash Islam, Founder & CEO, Synergy Financial Group
Patrick Gray, Scientific Fellow, Omeros
Rainer Kuehling, VP Operations, Shoe Care Innovations
Saqib Rasool, CEO, Concevian
Tom Gorey, VP Channel Strategy & Development, XO Communications
Vikram Jandhyala, Founder, Physware
Warren Michalsen, Trane District General Manager, Ingersoll Rand
Wayne Wager, President, Cascadia Ventures
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